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Who is Top H cleaning company??

Top H Cleaning Company Is Considered One Of The Best House Cleaning Companies In The United Arab Emirates, Because We Provide All Cleaning Services, Including Hourly Cleaning, Cleaning Villas, Cleaning Curtains In Ajman, As Well As Cleaning Sofas And Many House Cleaning Services. Top H Cleaning Company Has Also Won Many Awards And Appreciations. Since Our Company Has Been Working In The Field For 15 Years, And None Of The Cleaning Companies Can Compete With Our Company, Due To The Special Price Offers We Offer, As Well As Hourly Cleaning Workers And Hourly Cleaners Trained By The Best Experts In The Field Of House Cleaning, As Our Company Is One Of The Leading Companies In The Emirates This Is Because Of Our Practical Experience In The Field Of House Cleaning Services Since 15 Years Ago, And Until Now, Our Experience Is Still Increasing Day By Day, And Because Of What We Mentioned Above, Our Company Is Considered The Best Cleaning Company Among The Existing Cleaning Companies.

The Currencies Accepted By The Cleaning Company

Top H Cleaning Company Accepts Payment From Its Customers In The UAE Currency, The UAE Dirham (AED). Payment Methods At Top H Cleaning Company: Our Company Cares About The Convenience Of The Customer, So It Is Possible To Pay By Card Or Cash After The Service Is Performed By Hourly Cleaners. Our Company Prices: Our Company Prices Start From AED 45 Per Cleaning Hour And Are Inclusive Of Cleaning Materials. Or 35 AED (AED) Per Hour Cleaning Without Cleaning Materials.

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In What Is Our Company Superior To The 10 Largest Cleaning Companies In Dubai?


Top H Cleaning Company Is Ranked Among The Top 10 Cleaning Companies, For The Following:

1-Hourly Cleaning Ladies In Dubai Who Are Trained By The Best Experts In House Cleaning Services, As The Top H Cleaning Company Does Not Randomly Choose Hourly Cleaners, As We Have A Full Specialized Team That Examines And Tests The Effectiveness Of These Workers And Whether They Are Good At Doing House Cleaning Services In A Good Way OrEven Acceptable, And Then Hourly Cleaning Ladies Undergo The Best Training By The Best Experts In The Field Of House Cleaning.

2- Our Company Is Characterized By The Speed Of Completing House Cleaning Services, And In Addition To Speed, We Are Distinguished By Quality, And Therefore Our Company Is Ranked On The List Of The Top 10 House Cleaning Companies.I Will Leave You The Freedom To Ask Yourself This Question, And You Will Surely Find The Answer On Your Own (A Cleaning Company That Has Been Working In This Field For 15 Years And Is Not The Owner Of This Moment. Is It Reasonable For There To Be Someone Who Confronts It In House Cleaning Services) If Our Goal Was To Make Money, We Would15 Years Ago Until Now, We Made A Lot Of Money, And If Our Services Were Not Perfect, Our Company Would Have Been Bankrupt, Closed, And Retired From The Field Of House Cleaning Services, Right, Sir?

3- We Use The Latest Cleaning Tools And The Best Cleaning Materials In Our Work, Which Are Fully Licensed By The Ministry Of Health, Which Means That You Never Have To Worry About Your Request For Service From Our Company.

The speed of our workers in completing tasks
The Level Of Training Of Our Housemaids In Cleaning The House
The Quality Of Our Work

How Does Top H Cleaning Company Provide House Cleaning Services?

When A Top H Cleaning Company Receives A Call From A Customer Requesting A Cleaning Service. For Example, House Cleaning, Villa Cleaning, Hourly Cleaning, Or Any Type Of Cleaning Service, We Do The Following:

First: We Schedule A Time To Perform This Cleaning Service For The Customer Based On His Desire, And When An Agreement Is Reached Between Our Company And The Customer On A Date For Providing A House Cleaning Service, We Move To The Second Stage.

Second: We Ask The Client About The Type Of Service To Be Provided, In Order To Choose From Among Our Team, Hourly Cleaning Workers Trained In The Same Service Requested By The Client.

Third: We Send Hourly Cleaners Who Are Also Trained And Qualified To Carry Out The Cleaning Service That The Customer Desires, Whether It Is Sofa Cleaning, House Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Or Any Type Of Cleaning Service, To The Site That The Customer Sent To Us. Of Course, Our Customer Has Nothing To Do With It. The Subject Of Transportation, We Have Drivers Dedicated To This Task.

Fourth: After The Completion Of The Cleaning Process, There Will Be A Person Authorized By Our Company To Evaluate The Work Of Hourly Cleaning Workers. Also, Reviewing All The Work They Have Done Within The House Cleaning, And In The Event That The House Cleaning Service Was Provided To The Fullest Extent By Our Maids, The Matter Ends Here.

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Awards Won By A House Cleaning Company In Dubai


Our company has received 70 awards in the field of house cleaning services.


All Of Our Clients Are Satisfied With Our Home Cleaning Services.

What Does Our Company's House Cleaning Services Include?

House Cleaning Company In Dubai

Top H Offers Many Cleaning Services, Including House Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, And Villa Cleaning. We Also Have Hourly Cleaning Workers Who Are Trained And Qualified. We Also Have Hourly Cleaning Workers, As It Is Possible For The Customer To Request A Service That He Cannot Do By Hourly Cleaning Workers, For Example, House Sterilization, As Our Company Is Also A House Sterilization Company, Or For Example Cleaning Swimming Pools, As Our Company Is A Swimming Pool Cleaning Company Also.

What Does Our Company Offer To The Customer?

Our Company Provides The Customer With Full Guarantees Of Service Quality, As If The Cleaning Service Has Any Defect, Our Company Will Never Hesitate To Perform The Service Again For The Customer, Because A House Cleaning Company In Dubai Whose First Goal Is To Satisfy The Customer And Gain Their Trust In The First Place.

Some Cleaning Materials Used In The House Cleaning Process:

Cleaning The House Is One Of The Basic Things That Every Woman Cares About. Also, The Cleaning Process Cannot Be Done Without Using The Appropriate Tool For Each Part, So We Will Show In The Following Some Of The Tools That Our Workers Use, Some But Not All Of Them:

  • Reinforced Sponge And Brush: There Are Many Types And Shapes Of Sponges;Some Of Them Are The Classic Sponge That Helps Remove Dirt From Surfaces, Which Is Equipped With A Rough Surface That Helps Remove Suspended Dirt. There Is Also A Type Of Sponge That Is Shaped Like Noodles;As The Sponge Threads Are Wrapped Around Each Other, And One Of The Types Of Sponge Is Also The One That Consists Of Silicone, Which Is Considered The Best.
  • 2- Towels: Hourly Cleaning Ladies In Dubai Use White Towels Made Of The Best Types Of Cloth To Clean The House And Reach The Most Sensitive And Dusty Points That No Type Of Cloth Can Reach.
  • 3- Steam Tool: When Requesting A Sofa Cleaning Service, Our Company Will Send You Hourly Cleaners Who Are Specialized In This Field And Trained To Use The Steam Machine To Get The Most Out Of The Cleaning Process.

Sofa Cleaning At Dubai Cleaning Company

Couch Cleaning Company

The Sofa, As We All Know, Is The Most Important Element In The House, As It Is The Main Pillar In The Guest Room, And It Is Sat On By Visitors To Our House. Therefore, It Must Be Clean, As The Sofa Is Subject To Pollution A Lot, Especially Within The Pores Of The Cloth That Are Impossible To Reach Through Traditional Cleaning Tools. Using Modern And Advanced Cleaning Tools In This Field, Then It Is Necessary To Seek The Help Of A Cleaning Company That Specializes In This Field And Has Hourly Cleaning Workers Trained To Perform This Task.

How does our company clean sofas?

When A Customer Requests A Sofa Cleaning Service, The First Question Asked By Our Company Is, When Was The Last Sofa Cleaning Process? And The Aim Of This Question Is To Determine The Type Of Materials That Will Be Sent With Hourly Cleaners, As Our Company Is Always Keen To Provide The Best House Cleaning Services To Its Customers, Then We May Ask The Customer To Provide Some Pictures Of The Sofas If Possible, And Upon The Arrival Of Hourly Cleaners To The Place What Is Required In Order To Perform The Cleaning Service, The Cleaning Steps Are As Follows:

First: Our Workers Remove All Surface Dust That Can Be Removed Using A Vacuum Cleaner.

Second: We Wipe The Wooden Edges With A Deep Sweep, Reaching The Deepest Points And Cleaning Them.

Third: We Use The Steam Machine To Reach The Deepest Tissues In The Sofa And Clean Them In A Deep Way That Traditional Tools Cannot Clean In This Way.

The Best House Cleaning Company In Dubai

Does our company provide guarantees to the customer when any defect occurs??

Top H guarantees the customer his full right when any defect occurs in the cleaning process, for example when a break occurs for any of the purposes of the house, and this matter never happens with our company because, as we mentioned previously, we have hourly cleaners trained with all training and proficiency, but if this matter happened Our company will compensate the customer in the way he likes by paying the price of the piece that was damaged in full if he wants or any way that our customer is comfortable with, as our company is the first concern of the satisfaction of its customers. Without the satisfaction of our customers, our company would not have continued until now.

Our company services in the UAE

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Cleaning Company In Dubai

There are a lot of cleaning companies in Dubai, which made the customer a very big lake with any company he deals with. You only have to do a Google question and it will tell you about the best house cleaning company in Dubai.

Due To The Large Number Of Cleaning Companies In Dubai, This Will Make The Customer A Big Lake With Any Company That Deals With, But You Can Ask Google As Our Company Is Considered The Leader In This Field For 15 Years And We Offer A Lot Of House Cleaning Services, Including Hourly Cleaning, Deep Cleaning Of The House, Swimming Pool Cleaning, Villa Cleaning And Glass Cleaning Exterior And Hood Cleaning Restaurants And A Lot Of Cleaning Services, Which You Can View By Clicking On The Read More Button.

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The Best Cleaning Company In Sharjah

Top H Has A Specialized Team That Provides You With All Cleaning Services In Sharjah, Where We Offer A Lot Of Cleaning Services, And Despite The Large Number Of Cleaning Companies, Our Company Is The Leader.

An Apartment Cleaning Company In Sharjah Provides Full Cleaning Services In Sharjah. All You Have To Do Is Contact Our Team And We Will Always Be Ready To Perform The Best House Cleaning Services, Villa Cleaning, Swimming Pool Cleaning And Many Cleaning Operations That Our Customers Desire. For Each Cleaning Service There Is A Specialized Team That Performs This Task. All Cleaning Workers At A Cleaning Company In Sharjah Are Fully Trained And Qualified To Perform All Services.

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Cleaning company in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Is One Of The Most Beautiful Emirates In The United Arab Emirates, Because Of The Civilization And Development It Bears, And The Large Number Of Services Available In It. Among These Services Are House Cleaning Services, Which Top H Cleaning Company Is Considered The Leader In This Field.

Top H Is The Best Cleaning Company In Abu Dhabi, Where We Offer A Lot Of Cleaning Services, Including Hourly Cleaning Ladies, House Cleaning, Villa Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, And Many, Many Services. We Are One Of The Pioneers In This Field Many Years Ago And Come At The Forefront Of The Top 10 Cleaning Companies.

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Cleaning in Ajman

Due To The Bad Weather Known As The Desert Weather In Ajman, You Must Contact A Cleaning Company That Meets Your Needs And Is A Company With An Excellent Reputation In This Field. You Only Have To Do A Google Question And It Will Answer You

As Everyone Knows That The Residents Of The Emirate Of Ajman Are The Expatriates Who Work. Therefore, They Are Always Busy With Their Work. There Must Be A Cleaning Company That Provides Them With Assistance In House Cleaning Services, Especially If The Lady Of The House Works. Here, The Issue Becomes Urgent For A Cleaning Company That Does Hard Work Instead Of The Housewife. All You Have To Do Is Contact Our Company And We Will Be At The Agreed Date And Without Any Delay At All. We Will Provide You With The Best Cleaning Services.

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Information about our company

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Reviews of our valued customers

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Ahmad alali Designation

The best cleaning company I have dealt with. Their prices are very excellent, and their workers are very smart, quick to clean, and of high quality.

Ream Mansor Fashion

A very excellent company. I asked them for the service more than once, and the performance was outstanding. The most important thing is that they stick to deadlines, very accurate.

Tarek Ibrahem Photograph

Through my experience with many cleaning companies, I noticed that Top H is the best cleaning company.

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